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Charles Jencks designs landscapes and sculpture and writes on cosmogenic art. He is known for his books questioning Modern architecture and defining its successors - Late, New and Post-Modern architecture, and is the co-founder of Maggie Cancer Caring Centres. Educated at Harvard and London University he has made his home in Scotland and London. He is married to Louisa Lane Fox who published an Anthology of Letters and Diaries from Parents to Children in 2009.

He delights in researching a subject deeply and his art is always an education. Whether it is cell division, cosmology, the history of Scotland or the secret of life, Charles delves deep into the topic and displays it for everyone else to see what he has learnt. His landforms and sculptures are swirling seascapes of grass, filled with fractals, spirals, helices, dividing cells, sub-atomic particles and inventiveness.

The creation of ?What is life? has been a partnership with John Atkins whose passion for the RNA world has delivered the most up to date rendition of what we now 'think' we know about the world of Nucleic acids. Their collaboration has produced a melding of art and science that restores the pursuit of 'natural philosophy' so beloved of the Age of Enlightenment.

At his former home, Portrack House, near Dumfries in South West Scotland, Charles Jencks built the Garden of Cosmic Speculation, a 30 acre modern wonder celebrating nature and science. His head gardener at Portrack, Alistair Clarke, is a vital cog in his gardens throughout the world, and Alistair spent several days assisting with the building of ?What is life?.

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